20 Reasons to Become a Minimalist

1. Create white space in your life.
2. Get your finances under control.
3. Improve relationships with friends and family.
4. Increase freedom to take risks.
5. Get fit and lose weight.
6. Take your spiritual life to a new level.
7. Decrease “bad” stress.
8. Simplify and radically improve your diet.
9. Meet awesome people.
10. Declutter your life.
11. Increase productivity the natural way.
12. Become more adaptable and willing to change.
13. Help others live better lives.
14. Learn to appreciate the little things.
15. Create work that matters.
16. Quit supporting a flawed system.
17. Sleep better and wake up with a smile.
18. Restore the planet for another generation.
20. Never stop learning

20 Reasons to Become a Minimalist (or The Ultimate Minimalist Resource Guide) | The Art of Minimalism.