Back in Town

I arrived yesterday after one week Egypt. We had a great time, spending hours doing nothing but enjoying sunshine, and having time for ourselves (yes without the kids). Highlights: Finished my Pelagian CCR course, did some nice dives together with Aaron Bruce (Tekstreme) and on a solo dive I encountered around 30 Meters a Tigershark . I did not know about its reputation as: “the wastebasket of the sea”. Wikipedia says: “It is notorious for attacks on swimmers, divers and surfers in Hawaii.”…. Lucky the animal showed no sign of interrest in me. The Pelagian is a great setup to dive with, I really enjoyed diving with it. Its WOB is much nicer then the KISS, it is very compact and looks quit stabile. Like all rebreathers it has also some issues; I did not like the mouthpiece, switching to OC is very hard, which in case off an problem is not good. But in general the unit is really nice.