City Dharma

Keeping Your Cool in the Chaos. Another book with an inspiring title. It took me 3 chapters to recognize that the books sucks, well I did read the whole book just to see if it would start to suck more. Fuck, why are all those Americans so paranoid ? well most off them seem to me pretty Angst driven in their daily life. Why Why would somebody who writes a book about Dharma (compassion), wants to talk so much about violence, terror and the like ? Is Mister Angst trying to cool him self down ? You create your own environment, roughly speaking in a Buddhist mindset. Basically this book is as with Mister Dharma Punx book an ego trip. “Look how enlighten and Nirvanaminded I am. I deal with my little world in a Buddhist Way”. Fuck, go and tell that to the people in the Middle east, or preach on a market in Baghdad for 15 minutes then talk about “Keeping Your Cool in the Chaos”. What Chaos is mister Angst talking about then ? Stress at the Mac Donalds counter ?.

The Dharma goes one step further and suggests that the ultimate recognition is to realize there is no “I” at all, that “I” is a construct of the mind.

What is the answer when we ask ourselves the age-old question “Who am I?” Are we our education? Our beliefs? Our jobs? Our families? Our thoughts? Society would say yes. But is it true? This is one of the main inquiries of this book.

The Dharma says we are not any of these things. We are not the small self, the little “me, me, me” of conditioned personality imprisoned by our attachment to and identification with people, experiences, and material possessions.

If we are not the small self with its constant striving, filled with desires and fears, thinking constantly about acquiring and then protecting what we have acquired, what is the truth of who we are?

We will get to that. But first we must take a long, deep look at who we have been trained to be.

Well Mister Angst has some training and work todo then.

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