Depressing Facts:

A poll, conducted by OnePoll, that quizzed over a thousand UK teenagers between the ages of 13 and 15 showed that they on average spend over 31 hours surfing the web. Depressingly, it appears teens are spending over 8 hours a week not only browsing pornography but also cosmetic surgery, emotional support and weight loss sites.

Breakdown of the average teenager’s time online each week

* Downloading music 1 hour 40 minutes
* YouTube 2 hours 2 minutes
* MSN 3 hours 29 minutes
* Chatrooms 2 hours 5 minutes
* Virtual World sites 1 hour 55 minutes
* Homework/research 3 hours 10 minutes
* Shopping 1 hour 49 minutes
* Auction sites 1 hour 28 minutes
* Cosmetic surgery 1 hour 8 minutes
* Soft porn 1 hour 40 minutes
* Dieting/weight loss 1 hour 35 minutes
* Family planning/pregnancy 1 hour 32 minutes
* NHS Direct/Health 1 hour 22 minutes
* Samaritans 1 hour 1 minute
* Dating 1 hour 15 minutes
* Social networking 3 hours 47 minutes

Ellie Puddle, Marketing Director of CyberSentinel said:

“The alarming thing about this research is that it shows that teenagers are obviously exploring all sorts of topics as a result of modern-day pressures [and] they find it easier to go online to conduct their research than asking mum and dad for advice.”

For me this shows that this whole idea about a social networking and social web like chatrooms, virtuall worlds and dating sites, probably takes away a even more important social aspect of their lives: talking with people, hang out on the streets, do sports. So yes that is from people of my generation depressing to see that happen.
Family planning/pregnancy, ok but watching Soft porn ? !!! come on …