Several weeks ago I digged into Dharma-Punk, the book from Noah Levine . And what sounds like and is a great idea for a book and also for an educated mindtrip appears an ego ridden book.
Mister Levine should load the script in a texteditor and do a word count for the word “I” or “My”. Or do a “cat /home/noah/documents/mybook | grep “I” | wc -l ” when he is using some kind of unix.

(Excerpt from an interview with Noah Levine) “Over the years I’ve come to see the intention or foundation of both punk rock and Buddhism as so similar, as being this energy of dissatisfaction. The Buddha was dissatisfied with the ordinary suffering of life and wanted to find freedom from that suffering. I think that the punk movement is founded on that same dissatisfaction—that all of this oppression and inequality and political corruption sucks!

So the first part of my life was focused on rebelling outwardly. As I’ve gotten involved in spiritual principles it feels very much like this inner rebellion—that outward dissatisfaction is a core dissatisfaction that’s in me—is turning that energy inward, to purifying the greed and hatred and delusion within myself, and doing what I can to alleviate it in the world and help others…”.

Buddhism is more then calling the yourself an “spiritual revolutionary,” Sure he has “wisdom” and “compassion” tattooed on his hands and images of Buddha and Krishna on his arms, but is that what counts ?

They sell the book at Amazon: Noah Levine – Dharma-Punk