Extrem: Die Macht des Willens

  • 166 kilometers and 9,400 meters nonstop overcomes Norman Bücher for one of the most demanding extreme runs the world around the Mont-Blanc.
  • In 14 days he crossed the Atacama Desert in Chile and did 600 kilometers and 6,000 meters in altitude.
  • In October 2010, he toke part in the 222 km long stage race through the Brazilian jungle – the most dangerous adventure of running

Only with extreme physical fitness you can not beat these challenges. It is the power of will which makes this tremendous achievement possible. In his inspiring book “Extreme – The power of the will” Norman Bücher shows the reader insides of the secrets of his mental power. He talks about his extreme adventures and how he manages to break down borders and he gives examples how to motivate yourself to amazing accomplishments. This book shows how much is possible when you properly apply your will and trust in your own inner strength.

Erfolge entstehen immer zuerst im Kopf – Norman Bücher

About the Author
Norman Bücher is a passionate extreme runner. He has taken part in more than 80 marathons and ultra marathons and is facing the most extreme sporting challenges in the world. In addition, the author has made his name known as a public speaker and motivational expert.

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