Ida Craddock: Sexual Mystic and Martyr for Freedom

In Volume III Number 1 of the Equinox (published in 1919), Aleister Crowley reviewed a paper called “Heavenly Bridegrooms”. In this work, a woman identified only as “Ida C—–” claimed to be the wife of an angel. A scholar named Theodore Schroeder edited the manuscript and published it in a psychological journal, where it apparently attracted the attention of Crowley. In the review, Crowley states that Heavenly Bridegrooms “is one of the most remarkable human documents ever produced.” He goes on to say:

“I am very far from agreeing with all that this most talented woman sets forth in her paper, but she certainly obtained initiated knowledge of extraordinary depth. She seems to have had access to certain most concealed sanctuaries…. She has put down statements in plain English which are positively staggering. This book is of incalculable value to every student of occult matters. No Magick library is complete without it.”

This is quite an endorsement from Crowley, and perhaps even more significant in that he signed the review “Baphomet,” using his magical name as Tenth Degree of O.T.O.

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