Klunen and Geography

Just finished reading Klunen by Kluun and Don’t know much about Geography by K.C Davis.
Klunen is a Dutch book that I really enjoyed reading, the paperback is a collection of short stories by Kluun. He talks a lot about Brabant which reminded me about my childhood there. Note to self; Need to get his other books as well[1. Books from Kluun (some in Eng).].

Don’t know much about Geography, “by the King of knowledge” (Amazon), KC Davis. To be honest a bit of a boring book. Not much that triggered my intrest or was surprising me. Most of the stuff in there was not new to me, and I did not pay very well attention in the Geography class. [2. Don’t Know Much About Geography: Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned]

Starting now with a new book; Introducing Evolutionary Psychology[3. Introducing Evolutionary Psychology], hopefully this book will help me to better understanding of our word…