Marathon Des Sables

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In 2014 I want to participate in the Marathon Des Sables, a 240km race across the Moroccan Sahara. The Marathon des Sables is by the Discovery Channel ranked as “the toughest foot race on earth”. Basically it is a six-day foot race across the Moroccan Sahara Desert, completing the equivalent of 6 marathons in those six days (approx 240km in total). The race conditions will range from a possible 40 degrees C in the afternoon to zero at night and it is covering some of the most formidable landscapes and inhospitable terrain on the planet. The rules require the participant to be self-sufficient, which means you have to carry with you everything, except water and a tent, that you need to survive.
I am looking tremendously forward to this challenge, I will work hard and be as prepared as possible. In the coming 14 months I will put a lot of energy in training, gathering tips and information and preparing myself for what could be or become maybe the biggest challenge in my life.
My blog and Facebook page will be partly become a journal and a place where I will collect relevant information concerning this adventure.
The Marathon Des Sables, what an adventure….