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Over several years, explorer [[Bruce Parry]] has dined with cannibals in West Papua, become a shaman in Venezuela and undergone painful rituals in Ethiopia. Parry spent a month living with fifteen different tribes. The result is an insight into wildly differing cultures that are vibrant, hospitable and full of spirit. This book is based on the hugely successful BBC 2 series. A great read !

When I came back from expeditions, I had some experiences that made me readdress all that. I’d pretty much known all along that Christianity wasn’t for me. Ever since then, I’ve been on my own quest to find another truth. I can’t read novels, but I do read books about cosmology, about astrophysics, about genetics. I’m interested in altered states of mind, and creation myths. It’s all part of the same thing – I want to know why we think what we think. Now, I’d describe myself as pan-deist, reluctantly verging on atheist.

@Amazon: Tribe: Adventures in a Changing World -Bruce Parry