Tao (the Way, or one’s doctrine).

The concept of Tao is based upon the understanding that the only constant in the universe is change, (ie. I Ching, the “Book of Changes”) and that we must understand and be in harmony with this change. The change is a constant flow from non-being into being, potential into actual, yin into yang, female into male. The symbol of the Tao, called the Taijitu, is the yin yang confluently flowing into itself in a circle. More in Wikipedia or at the Amazon bookstore: Tao Books

Pharaoh’s Gem.

An Italian archaeologist accidentally found that the central gem in Tutankhamun’s regal necklace is not amber, but a mere piece of yellow glass. Kinda cheap for the famous Egyptian pharaoh, best known for his splendid golden mask. Except that piece of glass is much older than civilization. Where did it come from, StarGate? Kind of. Scientists now think a meteorite much larger than the Tunguska event fell from the sky and exploded over the Sahara in prehistoric times. The tremendous heat of the 1000 A-bomb sized fireball melted large chunks of desert sand into perfect glass. The memory of such an apocalyptic event may have made sand-glass gems a desirable symbol, meant to emphasize the pharaoh’s heavenly powers.” More here


I have posted pictures on my photo site from the diving courses that I did last week. I went to Hurghada (Egypt) to do 2 technical diving courses with TDI, Advanced nitrox and decompression procedures.

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I removed the overkill app WordPress and installed a light weight blog software that does everything that I need for my blogging needs. So far so good.

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