Please stop beeing productive

I am so tired of all these websites with lifehacks. All these collections of tiny, smart time-savers and productivity tips which claim to make life simpler, better and more optimized all proudly publish on the web by their “inventors”. Really lifehacks ? most of the stuff is pretty obvious, it is stuff that everybody should figure out for him / her self by experience, by growing up or falling on their nose. Stand up and enjoy the wisdom gained, but shut up. I mean; yes, you can save time by wearing your underwear an extra day by turning it inside out (hurrah saved an extra wash, minimize my stock of underwear, live is much simpler now), but is this productivity brain flash something to brag about ? Ah and by the way you can save enormous amounts of time by turning your socks inside out and buying only the same color socks. Dry used tissues and use them for toilet paper, save the water from your shower to flush the toilet. Use the dust in the vacuum cleaner as soil for your garden. Keep your used chewing gum and create toys for your kids from it. etc etc… or stop reading articles about lifehacks and productivity tips and actually do something in the time that you are saving.