Search and Destroy:

In between my biz traveling I found some time to go to see Henry Rollins in the Hamburg culture Temple “The Schauspielhaus”. Usually I would only go to a hypocrite building like that to bomb or burn it, but since this was the only chance to see Rollins I had to jump over my shadow and mingle with the intellectual Hamburger crowed. And it was well worth it; we got a 3 hour shower of Henrys latest adventures, travel stories, rock and roll stories and politic views. He was on stage for about 3 hours, hardly moving except for his mouth which was like a machine gun firing words into the audience. It was a lot, and it was worth it. He is just a great person with a good sense of humor, smart and driven. No nonsense, no rock artist bullshit, no ego tripping; Just do it !

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