Self discovery

Self discovery

By Hnz on February 28, 2016 — 1 min read

When I became 40 years old,  I made a promise to myself;  I will try every year something that I never did  before.  Self discovery: do something new that would bring me totally out of my comfort zone. So in the last years I have learned diving (sport, technical and rebreather diving) and froze my ass of  on a SAS type survival course in Scotland. I started to run (trail and ultra marathons), attended a Sesshin in a Zen monastery, did a Mindfulness course, climbed mountains and ran trough the Sahara. I visited Morocco, stood  on Germany highest mountain top and dived 60 meters deep in the Red Sea. I had moments of great joy, deep concentration, inner peace but also moments of fear. I endured cold, pain and disappointment (hello MDS).

All these smaller and bigger adventures bought me in contact with the most interesting and nice people and showed me beautiful places. I have learned a lot, had to face my fears, moved my limits and was forced to go out of my comfort zone more than once. I experienced a lot  which  made me mental, emotional and physical stronger. But the most important is that all these experiences helped me to find out who I am. By reaching further, deeper and trying harder I learned who I am and it helped me to understand who I am.  It helped me to become happy with and accept the person who I am. And that is a big reward!

The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything. – Chögyam Trungpa

Go, give it a try; do something you have never done before, something  that is  out of your comfort zone. It could be running a marathon, learning something new  or traveling to an obscure destination alone. The experience will add to the essential process of self-discovery and it can help you to become happier and more comfortable with who you are.

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