Sony eBook Reader

I bought at Ebay a new Sony eBook reader. Nice little gadget, looks very nice and it hold with the standard memory more books then you will be able to read in one month. I will use it to read downloaded manuals and some documents that I converted to PDF format. It is is small and the battery lasts several days, so it is great for travelling. The display, electronic paper, display delivers fast response and a higher contrast ratio for easy reading even in bright light. Eight levels of gray scale provide for crisp and clear text, images, and graphics.
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Update: spoiled by the Apple out of the box experience en usability it is always hard to fall in love with a new gadget. It all works, but its missing that little extra that you get wenn using Apple products.
Some things which I don’t like about the Sony eBook reader: the page turning is not really smooth, the thing has to many buttons, and in order to understand the software I needed to look into the manual. No Itunes to handle the ebooks. As expected the Sony software wont run on my Macbook air or on my Ubuntu Laptop, but there is a nice open source alternative, Calibre, that plays really well with the reader. The software handels all the ebooks and is able to download rss feeds and website and upload to the reader. It is free, open source and cross-platform in design and works well on Linux, OS X and Windows.

The reading experience is actually nice, and the e-paper is easy on the eyes. Some PDF’s dont really scale well, but thats a problem in the document rather den in the eReader itself. So far I am happy, and I think I will use it a lot when I am traveling.