The 145 characters that construct me

145 chars

Write 145 chars about yourself, take a picture of your ego and post it online. For other people to see and to like. Look, I went out for a run!  In return like someones picture taken in front of a mirror.  Always in the know what your friends are doing. So busy trying to have even more online friends.  You have more online contacts then non-digital contacts in your neighborhood. Stay connected, share, like and change the world. Social media, the live of pretended friendship and fake intimacy. But who do you know ? for real ? Not even yourself any more. You are changed the moment you decided to play the game and became part of the mass, part of the lie.

“Life is more or less a lie, but then again, that’s exactly the way we want it to be.” ― [[Bob Dylan]]

People on social media don’t represent their own self. They stage, edit and censor a virtual representation of their selfe and their lives. They become the person as how they want to been seen by others; a staged self. A self created illusion of the self. A self based on a social status, strategically calculated from likes, friends and followers. Whats will next ? What’s the relation between you and them ? or between you and that what you really are ? Are you that what you wanted to be or did you become a construction of virtual images ?  Don’t make yourselve in the image of the commodity.