Saterday == Nerd day; I finally installed the Ubuntu Linux Netbook Edition on my HP mini 2140, and I must say I am impressed. Everything works out of the box, WLAN, 3G stick, screen, sleep modus all works fine. The netbook interface looks nice and clean. Boottime is reduced to less then 30 seconds, and that almosts beats my MacBook Pro. But an operating system is only as good as the applications are, and that’s where the problems comes in. Most default applications that are installed are ok, but ok is, for working on a daily basis, not good enough. The standard music and movie player are still a bit buggy, flash is unstable, there is still no decent word processor – Open office is not my software of choice – and the Photo / Image browser / editor is nothing compared to Apple’s Preview and Iphoto.

On my Apple Laptops the applications are in general more powerfully and streamlined, but since I use my netbook mainly with cloud based applications, which run in a webbrowser (Google Chrome), this does not really bother me. I am not convinced yet, that I could use Ubuntu on a daily base, but I could see a version from Ubuntu Netbook Edition running on a Ipad like machine, mainly used for light work, and surfing the web.