To some,but not all, of my Facebook friends.

Yes I unfriended you, don’t take it personally. I unfriended you probably because I am not interested in the topics you shared (or I am in general not interested in you and or your live style). When I open up Facebook I do not want to see misery. I don’t want to be confronted with pain, with posts about dead, injured or mistreated dogs / cats, old news, dead children, politics, boring sports or some thing you found on the Internet.

I want to keep Facebook a pleasant experience for me. I like to see the stuff you really do in your live, the things you do together with your friends, with your family, with your children, the trips you take, the nice pictures you took. The stuff you do to make others happy, the challenges you take. The cool stuff, the nice stuff, all topics that inspirer me.

Facebook is different for everyone, some people like to share things that I find unpleasant. If that’s your world that’s cool, I just don’t want to see your shares anymore. Don’t take it personally.

I also share and post stuff that is probably not interested to all: my running stuff, the pictures of my kids, some zen wisdom or a music track. I understand entirely if you don’t want to see this, then I highly recommend and encourage you to unfriend me. Just do it. I won’t take it personally.

Enjoy your life