Where is my Head

So much todo !! Several large and small projekts, all with pretty tight deadlines. Organisation is everything. Anyway there is still time for some important private projekts; the next diving trip is planned !! We, my Brothers, Son and Niece, fly to the Red Sea in about 4 weeks to go diving. Planned are 2 Techdives with Paul Vinten, my TDI Instructor, and several days of “normall” Diving with the rest of the Clan. I ordered a VR3 Yesterday so I have my kit complete now. The VR3 is the best computer for Technical Diving. It does all the calculations and gas planning. I will use this computer together with my dive plan and a normal bottom timer to plan my decostops. Yeas, I am really looking forward to this trip!

* Paul Vinten
* VR3