Who is this Pope anyway ?

As the Pope concerned, if he believes what he is saying, he is incredibly naive. If he doesn’t, he is truly an evil man. His remark on the usage of condoms during his visit to Afrika shows again that he and his club are so far out of touch with reality it is pathetic. Their teachings promote over-population and will promote the spread of HIV. Unfassbar.

impeach Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict yesterday urged Catholics in Angola to curb the influence of witchcraft. He told Christians to convert those who believe in "sorcery and evil powers". The 81-year-old Pontiff, who was on a week-long African trip, said: "In today’s Angola, Catholics should offer the message of Christ to the many who live in the fear of spirits, of evil powers by whom they feel threatened and disoriented." Right, that’s exactly what missionaries in Africa are doing for ages, robbing these people of their heritage, personal believes and feeding them with Christian nonsense and fear. Motto: Change you evil imaginary friends for our imaginary friend and all will be good. Crackhead Benedict seems to forget that he and his murderers club are mainly responsible for the bad politic and economical situation in Afrika. I wonder if his message of Christ is what they really need at the moment.

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